At LYYT we pride ourselves on providing the most advanced Vaporizers paired with the cleanest, smoothest, most potent oils on the market and patent pending app.

Smart Chip Technology in our vaporizers prevents excess burning of oils by controlling various heat temperatures automatically. This process significantly decreases the wasting of cannabis during the heating process. (Your Oils will last longer, burn better and taste better)

The engineering of our vaporizers required the best components including revolutionary ceramic heating coils and best in breed lithium micro batteries that last longer than any of our competitors.

Our Lytt Dual Vape utilizes Self monitoring analysis, reporting and location tracking technology.

Our Factory

Our cannabis purification, remediation and molecular reformulation processes remove unwanted contaminants and customize formulations before products reach consumers.

During cultivation, extraction and production of medicinal and recreational cannabis products pesticides, heavy metals, and toxins may be acquired. Our Labratory cleans cannabis oil to remove these unwanted contaminants and produce safe products for distribution and legal sale.

Sometimes the use of products that promote faster plant growth can contaminate cannabis plants with chemicals that are not healthy for medicinal cannabis patients. By cleansing the raw cannabis oil before it is used to produce the medicinal products, patients can avoid exposure to unwanted contaminants.


Custom tailored with the highest quality manufacturing we produce the finest most potent cannabis oils on the market. We do not use any additives or artificial terepenes. Our products are always 95% and higher in purity.